Welcome to Big Canoe. Experience the water up close and personal. This is Big Canoe!

Big Canoe

Our mission at Big Canoe is helping you connect with your team and the water. Water is one of our most precious resources. Get up close and person in a Big Canoe is a fantastic and unique way to experience H2O and nature.


Empty Weight

Payload Capacity

Sunset In A Big Canoe

Big Canoes are designed for 2 staff or guides and up to 18 passengers.

Made In Michigan

Founded in 2021, Big Canoe is a made in Michigan story. Our hand crafted 34 foot long canoes are made with oak and fiberglass. Our cedar paddles are single piece light weight paddles designed to whisk you and your team across many lake and rivers.

Tying Your Outing Together

Big Canoes can be tied together for an even larger group experience.

Starting A Business With Big Canoe

A Big Canoe is a great way to start a business. Imagine the possibilities including interpretive guide trips or team building events for your organization, company or group.