About Big Canoe

Big Canoes are hand made in Lake City, Michigan. Each canoe is handcrafted from oak and fiberglass. Big Canoes are available for purchase or lease. They make a great addition to your lake home, a group camp, or a scouting troop. Contact Big Canoe today to order yours today.

About the boat

Each Big Canoe is 34 foot long and 62 inch beam. They are very stable unlike a traditional canoe. The Big Canoe weighs 600 lbs empty.

People Capacity

The Big Canoe is designed to hold up to 20 people or maximum of 3500 total payload. Plenty of room for you and your crew.

Big Canoe Trailer

Our trailer is another made in Michigan product, the same team crafts the trailer for easy transport and launch of your Big Canoe.

Easy to Tow

The Big Canoe is easy to tow, weighing in at 600 lbs empty plus the trailer weight it is easy to tow behind most vehicles equipped with a trailer hitch.


Big Canoes are based on the historical voyageurs canoes that once navigated the Great Lakes. These canoes were utilized by expert canoeists of the Great Lakes for the  fur trade. Their canoes were originally made of birch bark, cedar strips, and pine gum. Each voyageur canoe weighed approximately 300 pounds when empty but often contained five tons of men and trading goods.

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